This is the Black Canyon National Park in Colorado. The views are stunning!

This is our cargo van that we converted into a camper van. It was so much fun working on it and even more fun traveling in it!

This is the inside of our camper van, "Lonnie". We tried to make it look like a Gypsy Vardo wagon

The “Badlands” Collection draws on the naturally stunning colors found in the Badlands of South Dakota. The Badlands are a wonderland of colorful spires and pinnacles, massive buttes and deep gorges. Erosion of the land over time reveals sedimentary layers of gorgeous natural colors including tan, gray, violet, yellow, red, orange and white, which I’ve weaved into the “Leaf” jewelry designs.

This collection is called “Rain” as the colors are reminiscent of a beautiful rainy day. The pieces are designed with semi-precious stones including rough-cut Herkimer diamonds, which represent the clear cleansing of a good strong rain; blue metallic irradiated freshwater pearls, which represent the dark blue rainy sky; and African Bloodstone, which represent the strong power of a good storm and the purification that comes after.