Good Karma Jewelry & Bead Studio . 100 West 2nd Street  Suite 2 . Muscatine, Iowa

Good Karma Creations utilizes the inspiration of nature to hand-craft artisan items including jewelry, sun catchers, gemstone wire trees, and other metaphysical based products with special meaning.  

Our mission is  to raise the vibration of world with unique, handcrafted and hand-selected creations that inspire people to live their best lives. 

Our brick and motor store, located in Downtown Muscatine, offers a unique and comfortable shopping experience of sharing artisan jewelry, crafts, and hand-selected metaphysical products that bring joy and happiness to others. 

We strive to create mutual and enduring relationships with our customers and suppliers, and our philosophy is to provide hand-crafted, ethically sourced products. 

We give back and lift others by supporting other artisans and by contributing to our community and local charities.

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